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1- A child has a tantrum because he wants a toy. The RBT should…(Required)
2- Stephen is working on increasing the amount of time he spends running. He collects data on how long he runs on the treadmill each day. Stephen begins his timer when he starts running and stops the timer when he begins his walking cool down. What measure is Stephen utilizing to measure his running behavior?(Required)
3- Immediately after Carol cries, her mother hugs her. Her mother’s behavior following her cry is a(n):(Required)
4- Justin begins to repeatedly scream when his mom tells him he cannot play with her phone. After five minutes, Justin’s mom agrees to let him play with her phone. The next time Justin wants to play with mother’s phone, immediately he begins to scream. His mom proceeds to give him her phone and play. Justin’s mom’s behavior has been:(Required)
5- Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behaviors (DRA) works by:(Required)
6- The best way to document a tantrum in a note is:(Required)